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Howrah Plumbing are the Southern Tasmanian Agent for Taylex.

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Sustainable Water Recycling & Waster Water Treatment System

Explore comprehensive wastewater services with Howrah Plumbing, your trusted partner for sustainable water recycling and wastewater treatment systems.

Sustainability is a key factor in all our wastewater services at Howrah Plumbing. We aim to provide solutions that not only meet your immediate wastewater needs, but also contribute to the conservation of our environment. Our systems are designed to reduce water wastage and recycle where possible, contributing to a sustainable future.

For advice and recommendations of new systems plus the servicing of existing units (yes you have a choice) contact Howrah Plumbing today.

Our plumbers can assist you with all your wastewater queries, including:



scheduled servicing




Howrah Plumbing provides exceptional wastewater services to Greater Hobart and wider Tasmania, keeping the continuity of water supply intact and safe. Our proficiency extends to various aspects of wastewater management, including servicing and installation of aerated wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks.

Our dedicated team carries out quarterly servicing on all AWTS systems across southern Tasmania, ensuring your system functions optimally year round. Regular checks can prevent major issues down the line, saving you significant costs in the long run. With us at your service, you can relax knowing your water quality is in expert hands. Get in touch with us to schedule your next AWTS system service.

Supply and Installation of New Wastewater Systems

At Howrah Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive waste water treatment service that includes the supply and installation of new wastewater systems. Our preferred products are from leading brands like Taylex and Fuji Clean, known for their robust performance and long-lasting durability.

From new homes to replacing septic systems, we have vast experience in installing wastewater systems for both residential and commercial needs. Whether its routine checks or urgent repairs, our team at Howrah Plumbing is equipped to handle it all, ensuring your wastewater system continues to function optimally. Additionally, we ensure the safe disposal and treatment of wastewater, transforming it into reusable irrigation water where possible. Enquire about our wastewater system installation services today.

Ensuring Safe Water through Efficient Wastewater Management

Our wastewater services don’t just provide solutions; we set a standard in water quality incident reporting and management. From handling thousands of litres of wastewater daily to removing matter from wastewater, our domestic wastewater systems offer safe water for your household needs.

Our sewerage services maintain a strict code of compliance, protecting both our customers and the marine environment. Whether you’re a residential or industrial customer, we prioritise your safety and wellbeing through efficient wastewater management. Contact us now to experience quality wastewater services.

The Howrah Plumbing Difference: Exceptional Customer Service

Choosing Howrah Plumbing for your wastewater services means choosing a team that prioritises customer service and quality above all. We understand that wastewater management is critical to ensuring a sustainable future water supply and preserving our precious marine environment.

Our dedication to delivering a reliable service and our expertise in handling everything from septic tank effluent to trade waste set us apart from the competition. With us, you get a partner who values your trust and works diligently to deliver safe, recycled water use for your homes and businesses. Ensuring the longevity of your wastewater system is crucial, and that’s where our reliable maintenance and repair services pays off. Reach out to us today to experience the Howrah Plumbing difference.

Wastewater Service Agreement Forms

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