Rehabilitation Policy

We are committed to the rehabilitation of our employees who may suffer an injury or illness arising through their employment. Plans and programs for the rehabilitation of an injured/ill employee will be developed in consultation with all relevant parties.

The objectives of the Occupational Rehabilitation Policy are to:

  • Ensure rehabilitation procedures and plans are commenced as soon as possible following illness/injury to provide a speedy recovery and avoid long term problems.
  • Provide alternative duties where it is practicable to do so.
  • Encourage a positive work environment for any affected employee.
  • Provide adequate and appropriate rehabilitation services where required.
  • Ensure that participation in a rehabilitation program will not prejudice any injured/ill employee.
  • Encourage communication between all parties in the treatment of the injured/ill employee.

Safety is the responsibility of us all and management and employees have an important role in ensuring the best possible outcome for any injured or ill employee and a total commitment to occupational rehabilitation will ensure the success of this policy.

This policy and its requirements and procedures apply to all Howrah Plumbing employees and contractors.

Our workers’ compensation insurer is BGA Insurance Brokers. Contact Lewis Wilkinson on 03 6278 1526; 139 Augusta Road, Lenah Valley Tas 7009

Cathy McDowell is our nominated rehabilitation coordinator for Howrah Plumbing Pty Ltd. Phone: 03 6244 7022