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Hot Water Plumbing Services – Repairs & Installations

Ensure consistent hot water supply in your home or business with Howrah Plumbing’s comprehensive hot water services. From maintenance to system installations, we offer a range of solutions tailored to a range of household needs and hot water heaters. Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, reduced running costs, or continuous hot water supply, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of services and expertise. Let Howrah Plumbing be your trusted guide in choosing and maintaining your hot water system in Hobart!

Expert Domestic Hot Water Services for Local Residents

Howrah Plumbing offers efficient hot water plumbing services to households in Southern Tasmania. Our team of hot water specialists can repair and replace all types of hot water systems, ensuring a continuous flow of hot water in your home regardless of household size or water usage. Selecting the right hot water system involves considering various factors like your household size, water usage habits, and energy costs.

We understand that hot water emergencies can cause significant inconvenience, and we aim to provide same-day or next-day assessments and replacements wherever possible for water heating systems. Don’t let cold showers interrupt your daily routine. Turn the tap on cold water and contact us for our prompt hot water services today!

Solar Hot Water Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Our team is proficient in installing and maintaining solar hot water systems, a renewable energy solution that can significantly reduce energy bills. These systems use sunlight to heat water, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional electric and gas systems.

With a solar water heater, not only will you benefit from continuous hot water, but you will also contribute to energy conservation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We provide advice on different types of hot water systems, from gas and electric to heat pump and solar water systems, ensuring you get a system that best suits your needs and preferences while minimising your carbon footprint. Moreover, government rebates may be available for qualifying solar water systems, making this an even more cost-effective option. Interested in going green with your hot water supply? Reach out to us for more details on your next hot water storage system.

Reliable Gas Hot Water Units for High-Efficiency Heating

Gas hot water units are a popular choice among Australian households for their high efficiency and lower running costs. These systems use a gas flame and heat exchanger to heat water instantly, providing continuous hot water without the need for a storage tank.

Whether you’re considering installing a new gas hot water unit or need maintenance on your existing gas storage water heater, our experienced team is ready to assist. At Howrah Plumbing, we are committed to helping you make an informed decision on the gas storage systems available. Call Howrah Plumbing today for all your gas hot water needs.

Heat Pump Hot Water Units for Cold Climates

For those residing in colder climates, our heat pump hot water units are an excellent choice. These units absorb heat from the air to heat water, requiring less energy than traditional water heaters and providing an energy-efficient model for heating water.

Furthermore, heat pumps function effectively even in cold conditions, ensuring a steady supply of hot water regardless of the weather. Get in touch with us to learn more about the benefits of heat pump hot water units.

Comprehensive Hot Water Flow and Return Systems

Hot water flow and return systems ensure that hot water is readily available at all hot water outlets in your home or commercial building. This system minimises water wastage by ensuring hot water is available as soon as you turn on the tap, providing convenience and efficiency.

We can design and install a custom hot water flow and return system based on your specific needs, ensuring optimal water temperature and continuous flow systems in your property. Contact us today to discuss your hot water system requirements!