Howrah Plumbing has been chosen and trusted across Tasmania for over 40 years. We are integrated in our local community and understand that we are all part of it and as such we have an obligation to participate and affect positive change. We do this by focusing on local business, procuring, and employing locally. We also extend our support to others to help them on their community missions.

We formally do this by frequently supporting and participating/initiating fund raising for Not for Profit and community organisations. To name a few…

Make A Wish

Critically ill Children


Men’s Health

St John Ambulance Tasmania

First Aid Education and Care

Dry July

People Affected by Cancer

Diabetes Australia

Diabetes Awareness and Advice

Archies 100

Funding equipment for neonatal and paediatric care

Dress for Success

Empowering women to overcome barriers to employment

Lansdowne Cresent Primary School

Taroona High School


We are also a strong believer that a healthy community is a resilient community. Education and sport are key to building a healthier Tasmania. Sporting clubs are an underappreciated driver of healthy living practices that are not only beneficial to individuals but to our communities as a whole. Sporting clubs also take resources to run. We recognise this and for years now Howrah Plumbing has been donating/sponsoring to sport, plus also to education.

Howrah Bowls Club

Bellerive Junior Soccer Club

Sorell Cricket Club

Clarence Football Club

Emmanuel Christian School

Doing our bit for the community isn’t just about formally sponsoring and fund raising. Of course, they have their place as it enables others to contribute, participate & achieve. Howrah Plumbing are strong believers in the fact that positive behaviours are contagious, and they drive positive results. With the mantra of “making our communities a little better everyday” you’ll find us doing our bit, either formally via sponsorships and fundraising or informally by being helpful, courteous, kind and always sharing a smile!

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