Hydro Vacuum Excavations Hobart

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Hydro Vacuum Excavations Services

Feel confident in the world of Hydro Excavations with Howrah Plumbing, where we offer expertise in this unique type of excavation, enhancing your construction projects with minimal risk and environmental impact. At Howrah Plumbing, we take safety seriously. All our hydro excavation services are carried out with strict adherence to safety protocols, ensuring a safe work environment for our team and minimal disruption to your property.

What we offer:


Non-Destructive digging for new footings

Potholing and trenching for known services

Pier hole cleanouts for new buildings

Cleaning out of pits, manholes and stormwater gross pollutant traps

Vac Truck Hydro Excavation Services: A Safer Alternative

At Howrah Plumbing, we provide quality Vac Truck Hydro Excavation services to the residents of Hobart and beyond. Our precise excavations are designed to mitigate the risk of damage to your underground services and assets, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

Our method of excavation leverages the power of pressurised water and vacuum technology, outshining traditional excavation machinery. This approach, also known as vacuum excavation or non-destructive digging (NDD), is a safer alternative to mechanical digging, minimising the potential for major damage to water pipes, gas lines and other underground utilities. Contact us today for a cost-effective solution that leaves no stone unturned.

Benefits of Hydro Vac Excavating

Safer, Faster, Cleaner & Cost Effective

Hydro Vacuum Excavation (sometimes referred to as NDD) brings an array of benefits to your project, your neighbors, and the environment.

  • Eliminates the potential destruction of underground assets (and repair costs) that are present with traditional mechanical excavation.
  • An all-in-one dig and cleanup method perfect for locating inground assets, trenching close to existing infrastructure, clearing blocked drains, pipe cleaning, asset proving, power pole excavations.
  • Gets to dig locations that traditional mechanical digging can’t reach.
  • Speedy and accurate process.

Expert Equipment + Expert Teams = The Difference

Hydrovac: The Revolution in Excavation Technology

Howrah Plumbing stands as a pioneer in implementing the advanced technology of Hydrovac – a proven method combining the power of pressurised water and vacuum to perform safe and precise excavations.

Our Hydrovac excavation services disrupt the conventional methods of digging, focusing on mitigating the risks of damage to your underground services while maintaining a commitment to the environment. Hydrovac is a preferable choice over traditional excavation machinery as it presents a safer alternative to mechanical digging and potentially destructive manual methods.

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and equipped with the latest excavation equipment, ready to handle any excavation job. This level of expertise, combined with Hydrovac technology, ensures a minimal risk of costly damage to utilities. Connect with Howrah Plumbing to discover how our Hydrovac services can revolutionise your excavation project.

Why Choose Howrah Plumbing for Your Hydro Excavation Needs?

Howrah Plumbing is not just another player in the field of hydro excavation; we redefine it. Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your underground services, combined with our expertise in the form of vacuum excavation, positions us at the forefront of the industry.

Our Hydro & Vacuum Excavation services are a testament to our dedication to superior service. We eschew manual digging methods, preventing damage to utilities while ensuring cost-effective and time-efficient operations. With our experienced, dedicated team at the helm, you can expect nothing less than the best. Reach out to us for your Hydro Vacuum Excavation needs today.